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The unfortunate terrorist attacks at Mumbai made evident the vulnerability of important buildings and installations across the length and breadth of the country. The non-availability of the real-time data with the building owners delayed the rescue operations and proved a roadblock. The availability of the maps and profiles of the building would have facilitated the rescue operations and helped the security agencies to a great extent. Thus, there is a need for developing a solution that would make available the real-time data and map whenever needed.  

Scope of the project: 

The project is to prepare an updated map of the building, 3-D modeling and mapping the whole building and create a real-time data of the building. A 3-D modeling of the building would be prepared and the building will be mapped floor-wise through Geographical Information System (GIS). The data bank related to the building profile and materials used would be prepared. The building would be kept under surveillance and real-time data would be transferred and captured in a handheld Geo-positioning System (GPS) device. The device would be carried by the person(s) responsible for the security of the building. In case of an eventuality, the data and map would be shared with the security agencies that would help to expedite the rescue operations. 

The Project flow: 

  • Mapping of the building

  • Profiling of the building

  • Preparation of 3-d models of the building

  • GIS mapping

  • GPS integration and data transfer

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